Taking quiet time for yourself is as important to your health as nutrition and exercise.  Whether you develop a meditation practice, engage in yoga, create a Journal or just sit with a cup of herbal tea, know that a few minutes of quiet time will yield reduced stress and a stronger sense of balance when you really need it.

I like practicing breath work and will provide some resources and tutorials for simple breath exercises in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, enjoy this color meditation.  Click the “Full Screen” set of 4 arrows near the lower right corner.  Sit comfortably in your chair, with you feet on the floor and your hands relaxed in your lap.  There is an audio track with the meditation, so set your system at a level that is loud but not overhwleming and allow the music and color movement to surround you.  Slow your breathing.  Let any tension slip away from your neck and shoulders and just give yourself these next few minutes to Be.

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