A New Day

Want to make today a great day?  Join me for 2 minutes.  Clear your mind.  Set your intention for the day.  Then go and be your best self.  The world needs you.

((Before you hit play on the video, make sure to change the quality from 360p to 720HD and make that baby full screen!  Those controls are all in the lower right corner of the video player))

Virtual high fives, chest bumps and all that jazz…  You’ve got this!  Today is your day… get out there and SHINE!




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Spring Detox Pesto #2

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Things are coming along in the test kitchen…. and Im too excited not to share! So, here’s my second favorite Spring Pesto recipe — it’s not your typical pesto!  This guy is packed with nutrient dense chard, liver and kidney supportive dandelion greens and anti-parasitic powerhouse raw pumpkin seeds.  And it’s tastes great!  (But it’s my #2 because there’s another pesto that won  my heart… that’s the one that you’ll get when you sign up for the detox… along with SO many other amazing recipes, tips, resources, exercises AND personal support from me!)  Click here to ensure that you won’t miss anymore recipes, tips and dates: http://bit.ly/1BR7Fkx

Enjoy my 2nd favorite pesto for the season!  Use it as a dip, a spread, a mix in for rice/pasta/beans, thin it with some olive oil and vinegar for an amazingly easy dressing; freeze it in cubes so you can add it to soups and stocks for an anytime flavor booster!



spring detox pesto 2

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