Ah, it’s the eve of another New Year… and my facebook and twitter feeds are going bonkers with posts about resolutions.  Thing is, I’m not buying it this year.  This year, I am continuing to work with conscious intentions.  The difference for me is that with resolutions, we label life issues and habits as stark negatives rather than things that just need a different perspective, a new approach or a shift.  So, this year, my intention is to shift and lean a little deeper into those things that will get me closer to my goals.

Join me.  Ditch the resolutions.  Give yourself some time to think about 3 goals for 2016.  Consciously create intentions to support yourself in reaching those goals.


Go for it!

For me, the shift looks a little like this:


1)Build more lean muscle

  • Old Resolution = Get to the gym 3 x/week
  • New Intention = I honor by body by breaking a sweat daily in whatever way makes me happy.

2)Foster balance

  • Old Resolution = Balance volunteering/work/home by scheduling more strictly
  • New Intention = I create space for everything in my life by setting boundaries and staying in tune with my family, my health and my happiness.

Honor your needs.  Honor your goals.  Honor where you’re coming from and where you’re going.  Everything that has happened to this point has shaped you.  Release any guilt and darkness associated with things undone from years past, and hold yourself confident and strong as you face the dawn tomorrow.

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