Fresh and Fabulous in 4 Minutes

Fresh, Fabulous Food in a Flash!  Start to finish on this meal is 4 minutes.  If you have a little extra time to let the mushrooms marinate, all the better… but you can SO do this in a pinch.  No excuses!  Need a fast, fresh and nutritious meal?  I invite you to give this a try!

Mushrooms are like superheroes of nutrition.  Studies have shown that even 1 ordinary button mushroom a day can cut your risk of breast cancer by 64%!  SIXTY-FOUR percent!  Couple that mushroom with daily consumption of green tea and you increase the cancer fighting power to between 82% (post-menopausal) and 89% (pre-menopausal).  I say, let MUSHROOM MANIA begin tonight!   

Raw marinated mushrooms are an amazing treat.  My first experience with them was trying Mimi Kirk’s recipe for Shitake Skewers in “Live Raw.”  Something magical happens when you marinate.  I think it’s the same magic that we dip into when we rub kale because rubbed, marinated kale is the thing that legends are made of!  In any case, marinating doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes, but if you have 30 minutes to let them sit they do become more flavorful and tender.    

Everything you eat should contribute to your health.  Instead of fast food meals that make you feel gross and contribute to disease, choosing nutrient dense, plant strong fast food can do nothing but figure into the future of your health.  Here’s the lowdown on the other nutrient superstars in this meal:

Cashews – rich in copper, magnesium, and phosphorus; support heart and bone health

Hempseeds – rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

Onion – anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, heart protective

Cabbage – cholesterol lowering and cancer preventative

Cucumber – anti-inflammatory, heart protective, rich in anti-oxidants

Meals like this one come together in a flash in my kitchen.  Here’s how I do it:

1.       Grab glass pie plate and assemble marinade; pour, grate, stir.

2.      Toss pre-sliced mushrooms into the marinade; set aside or start warming.

3.      Slice cabbage/lettuce/bok choy and cucumber; drizzle all with vinegar 

4.      Blitz all ingredients for onion sauce in the Vitamix; 15 seconds and done! 

Gingered Mushrooms with Creamy Onion Sauce, Vinegary Purple Slaw and Cucumbers — serve with Iced Green Tea and Fresh Berries for Dessert

Raw Veg Bowl

Raw Veg Bowl

Gingered Mushrooms – 4 or 5 servings
3 large Crimini/portobello mushroom caps or 3 cups mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
¼ cup nama shoyu or tamari
1 tsp coconut oil
½ tsp liquid stevia or 1 dried stevia leaf, ground
1 Tbsp grated ginger from a big knob of fresh ginger

Mix all ingredients except for mushrooms in a shallow dish that is large enough to hold all the mushrooms.  Once the marinade is combined, toss the mushrooms to coat.  You may need to rub them and turn them quite a bit, but rest assured, there will be enough marinade.  Set the mushrooms into a dehydrator set at 105 for 30 minutes.  If you don’t have a dehydrator, simply boil a pot of water (the pot needs to be small enough to be able to support the mushroom dish without the dish falling into the water); take the pot off the heat and set the mushroom dish on top.  The residual heat from the water will gently warm the mushrooms and encourage them to release quite a bit of liquid.  Once warmed, turn the mushrooms in their own liquid and serve.  Alternatively, just set the mushrooms aside for a few minutes while you slice and prep the remaining bits of the meal. 

Creamy Onion Sauce
1 cup water
½ cup cashews
½ cup raw shelled hempseed
2 tsp onion powder
salt and pepper to taste

Blitz everything in Vitamix or blender until smooth; about 15 seconds.

Purple Slaw – per serving
½ cup purple cabbage, sliced thin
½ cup lettuce, bok choy or green cabbage, sliced thin
splash of apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar

Cucumber – per serving
2 small yellow cucumbers or your favorite variety
splash of vinegar


I plated this meal with each component in its own space in the bowl.  The onion sauce was on the side in a tasting cup, which made dipping delightful.  A few slices of fresh avocado and a heap of sliced pickled ginger garnished the center and made every bite that much more heavenly!

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