Banana Goji Berry Smoothie

Add this guy to your smoothie list… this one tastes like banana while having the antioxidant benefits of the goji, omega 3’s from the flax oil and the killer nutrient punch from the kale.  It’s an earthy orange color and my kids gave it two thumbs up!  Nervous about adding kale or greens to your smoothie?  I was too… but the thing is that you really don’t end up tasting them.  In this recipe, you taste the banana and the goji’s and the color masks the greens well.  In some of my other recipes, I use blueberries or other berries to make the smoothies more appealing to the eye while also making them taste like fruit.  The BIGGEST ISSUE with adding greens to smoothies is usually the texture.  If you have a vitamix you’ll be fine because that thing blends just about anything to a silky smooooooth perfection.  If you’re using another blender you may find the texture to be grainy.  If that’s the case you can try steaming the greens without any seasoning and then adding the wilted greens to the blender. 

Another thing to note is that smoothies are a great way to incorporate your powdered probiotics.  I use a product that has a very high count of beneficial bacteria to manage my autoimmune imbalance.  Even though I use the unflavored version, it doesn’t taste good when mixed with just water, so I pour out everyone elses portions of smoothie and then add in my packet, blend and I’m good to go!

Looking for other smoothie recipes?  Use the search box on this page and type in “smoothie” or check out my smoothie page.  I am working to update the list.  We start every day with a fruit and vegetable packed smoothie, so I’ve not even typed up a fraction of the ones we’ve made…

Banana Goji Berry Smoothie

This one is a nice earthy orange color

Banana Goji Berry Smoothie
(serves 3)

3 bananas
2 cups almond milk
2 Tbsp flax oil
½ goji berries
2- 3 cups kale (I just pack the Vitamix with kale and blend)

Blend everything in the Vitamix until smooth. Serve.

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3 Responses to Banana Goji Berry Smoothie

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    This looks like such a good smoothie! I’ve never had goji berries.. but I’ve seen them at whole foods. I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m there!

  2. Reyna Kraebel says:

    Goji berry is rich in phytochemicals, I always take goji berry juice and it is tasty too. ;

    My current web portal

  3. Incredible quest there. What occurred after?

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